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Let's Talk Style with Valerie Dittner

by Hayley Drinkard |  | 1 comment

This month we are so excited to introduce our series, Let's Talk Style, with Houston wardrobe consultant, Valerie Dittner.

With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry. Valerie plans outfits, sources items & edits closets for her clients, so they can look incredible every single day. Valerie also shares her personal style, and fashion tips, on her Instagram feed, @valerie_dittner. A self proclaimed “modern Audrey Hepburn,” she loves mixing prints, high and low fashion, and dressing things up and down. 

Read our one on one interview to see what makes Valerie's personal style so trusted by others, and what she loves about Vivian Drew!  Click to view Valerie's favorite VD picks.

What’s your favorite item in your closet? So hard to pick a favorite! But if I have to choose, I would say my vintage Chanel double breasted black jacket. It elevates, and goes with, pretty much everything.

How would you describe your style? I like to say that I’m a modern Audrey Hepburn. Classic silhouettes, but put together in an unexpected way mixing patterns and brining in bold colors.

What is the best style advice you’ve ever gotten? A very wise woman once told me, “Never buy anything unless it’s your new favorite.” If you keep that in mind, you’ll always love everything in your closet.

Who is the last person you followed on Instagram? Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins). I loved her in Emily in Paris!

Your go-to playlist on Pandora or Spotify? Anything that Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald collaborated on. Their music speaks to my soul!

What item in your closet do you wear the most? Definitely the striped puff sleeve top & matching cropped pants I designed with BURU. It’s so easy to layer with and dress up or down.

What is your favorite store to shop for clothes? BURU for sure! They have modern silhouettes in vintage fabrics, at a reasonable price. At this point I think 25% of my closet is BURU.

Which items in your wardrobe do you think are worth the big-investment dollars and which items do you think are the best to save money when purchasing? I can always sign off on spending money on a versatile, high-quality bag or pair of shoes. I love pairing classic Chanel ballet flats with a $30 H&M cotton dress.

Do you prefer statement or delicate jewelry? I’m a statement jewelry kind of girl. I almost always have on a big earring and chunky bangles. More is more for me!

What pieces of jewelry do you have on no matter where you are going? My diamond wedding band, and the Cartier Trinity ring that my husband gave me when I gave birth to our first baby.

What type of content would you like to see from us?  Please feel free to share and comment.  Thanks for following!


Comments (1)

  • Angela on March 31, 2021

    This is amazing! I have been following Valerie Dittner for years and she never lets us down!

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