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Lightweight Is The Latest Trend For Your Ear Lobes

by Hayley Drinkard |

As busy Mom’s, wives, and sisters, the weight of balancing work and everyday life is quite heavy…especially during a pandemic!  All you strong ladies out there do not have let your ears do all the heavy lifting.  Our Vivian Drew earrings are perfectly ultra lightweight and won’t have your beautiful lobes lagging. 

The average age for females in the United States to get their ears pierced is now 7 years old.  No matter what age you choose piercing for yourself or your little ladies, there is an unfortunate thing called “gravity” that will affect all parts of us over time….including our ear lobes.  Although earrings are the perfect accessory to make a statement no matter where you are going, you don’t want them to take the center of attention by uncomfortably tugging on your ears!  Not to mention, the headaches that can come from wearing earrings that are too heavy. All of our gemstones, metals, and pearls are specifically designed with this issue in mind.  We want to frame your greatest asset - your beautiful face - with quality materials, but with the lightest weight possible in mind.  Who says that GRAND has to be heavy? We’ve got so many dangling dazzlers that won’t drag you down!  If you prefer something a little more understated, visit our Stud Shop, where all the studs are approximately 1/2” and the perfect size and price for everyday wear.So to answer one of our most frequently asked questions, we can confidently say, No…they are not heavy.  So let our earrings accent your look and don’t worry about the dreaded stretched out ear lobe issue.

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