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Let's Talk Style - Mary Glenn McElveen

by Hayley Drinkard |

Continuing our popular "Let's Talk Style" series, we've spent some time with Mary Glenn McElveen, a Birmingham based freelance personal stylist and wardrobe consultant.  Mary Glenn’s fashion and styling love story had an early beginning. Ever since she was a little girl she loved playing dress up and piecing looks together that she might not even wear just because she loves to see how a beautiful outfit can come to life. For years, friends and family have looked to her for help and advice on putting together outfits for events, cleaning out their closets, and adding new and unique pieces to add to their collections. Today, her company, styled by M.G., offers services to women of all ages who are looking to define and build confidence in their style.
How would you describe your style?  Modern classic

Who is the last person you followed on Instagram?  Mary Lawless Lee

Your go-to playlist on Pandora or Spotify?  It depends on what I am doing! For example, if you worked with me before and have had me in your closet then you know I love some good background noise with no words -- weird I know. Something about it gets me focused and in the zone as I work with clients. More times than not it is Jazz Vibes on Spotify. On the other hand, if I am in the car or listening for other reasons (aka not work) then I love any country playlist. 

What item in your closet do you wear the most?  Hands-down my denim and my sneakers! I’m not afraid to invest here.

What is one thing you wish you could tell the younger you about fashion/style?  Do not buy just to buy! When I was younger and in college I was terrible about purchasing things for events only, or because I thought they were cute and a good price, from Zara for example. But this is where you really lose touch with your style and end up accumulating too much clothing over time. 

What is your favorite store to shop for clothes?  In Birmingham, Alabama which is where I live, I love Tulipano located in Mountain Brook Village -- so many great lines and clothing that fits many age groups. For online shopping, I love everything on Intermix but if I do not want to break the bank I love Mango.

Which items in your wardrobe do you think are worth the big-investment dollars and which items do you think are the best to save money when purchasing?  So this is something I am still working on myself, but I think it is worth every penny to spend money on clothing that fit in the elevated basics category. By this I mean items that can be mixed and matched, dress up or dress down, and fit every area of your lifestyle. If you think about it, that is only a handful of items so really invest in those. It can be hard to gravitate towards the fun and bold or spending money for a special event which I am guilty of but I think minimizing your purchases in this category will benefit you in the long run.

How would you elevate the look of t-shirt and jeans with jewelry?  I love this question because I think it is something people forget how to do this with everyday clothes! It is so easy to pull together a casual outfit like jeans and a T-shirt with a pretty gold earring or stud. It looks like you put thought into your outfit and elevates it!

Do you prefer statement or delicate jewelry? If both, how do you mix the 2?  If you looked in my jewelry box you would think that I preferred statement jewelry because of how many statement earrings I have but I tend to lean towards delicate for my everyday wear. However, that does not mean that I don’t love a pretty statement earring with the right outfit! When it comes to mixing I certainly think you could layer a dainty chain necklace with a statement earring as long as the metals coordinate.

What pieces of jewelry do you have on no matter where you are going?  I am so boring and wear the same jewelry everyday! I have a Zoe Chico initial necklace layered with my little diamond necklace by RETROUVAI. Then I have my Spinelli silver ring on my right hand and sometimes will wear these dainty gold chain bracelets as well. I also have a second piercing that I got in college and until recently started using again. With it I typically wear my gold huggie earrings or my freshwater pearl earrings.
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